Its a beautiful Canterbury Sunday, the sun is shinning at its best but its chilly outside. David checked out the orchard today and dropped by at the office and I can hear Grant digging out his garden with the tractor while having my smoko in the yard 5 minutes ago.

Yes! I am in the orchard office today. =.=”’

This is the only place I can connect to the web right now while waiting for my Farmside satellite broadband to be installed next week. Hurrah! Furthermore, I have to churn out some Excel spreadsheets to make my work life easier.

This blog is going to be used to detail my journey in life as the 2IC Orchardist. I will be writing just about anything to do with the orchard and my research into horticulture, my garden down at the Orchard Cottage (also known as Valley House, used to be known as Boys’ House and Goat House, Meridian calls it the Orchard Cottage and I like that), the special Kaituna Valley weather, and absolutely nothing about RWC2011!

I assure you I am extremely new to this industry despite starting my “second season”. What does a guy from the IT industry know about the Horticulture industry? Well, this guy knows how to use IT to facilitate his transfer into the Horticulture industry, Google is my best long-distanced friend, so near yet so far.

Everything about my journey so far is really a series of unexpected twist of events where it all started when I took the path less taken during my quarter-life crisis. Fate and karma perhaps? *Mind wanders off to some events last year*

Alright, time to get back on to do more work, I will update this spot as often as I can!