We had 2 incidents of burst pipes this month. It cost us a lot of time and sweat each time it happened. And the thing about getting sprayed by freezing cold water in winter… Not fun. Digging in sticky wet river loam… Not fun either.

I had to go to Waterforce today to get some joints, and wow! Their shop is like a library of pipes and everything irrigation it will make Christchurch Library feel ashamed of its books collection. These things are so intimidating they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and different things that do the same thing in different ways!

On a more positive note, we still managed to get on with our planned work after some creative intervention on how the patching work is done 😉

At the same time, it seems like we are in the way of some very bad weather later this week. Some polar blast from down South heading up for the third time, even more snow?

Food for thought: if only we know where all the pipes are!