Pardon me, I just realized today is the first day of spring, and we got hit by the polar blast!

We are behind on winter pruning on the grapevines and peaches! Despite that, we are taking the next best course of action to remedy the situation. Our guys are going through with their trusty loppers to prune out the vines while leaving all the wrapping and cleaning up for later on. Two schools of thought, one believe that doing the whole job at once is faster, another believe that breaking it down into smaller repetitive parts will get the job done faster (think industrialization). Whichever it is, the most important choice is one that fits the situation. Base on some estimation that I have done, we’ll get through the whole lot in 2 to 3 weeks time if weather permits, which is not that bad considering all the main cuts will be completed by next week.

Then, we’ve got the two year old and one year old peaches and nectarines to prune out and get into shape. The irrigation pipes to be laid out. The firewood to be picked up. And everything in between to prepare for the harvest. Not to mention, hiring some field hands to do the thinning work on the apricots, peaches, and nectarines as well as maintaining the grapevines with bud rubbing, wire lifting, lateral thinning, and all the yada-yada.

My laundry list of things to do include to save up enough money to buy a car, then obtain a NZ driving license, tattoo FileMake Pro 10 into the back of my hand and make beautiful art with it, familiarize with everything that will keep the orchard running smoothly (such as the ancient fruit grader), and yes, all the other yada-yada. Right now, I’m still waiting to receive the latest Novachem manual and online login from Stuart to work my magic on the spray database for the convenience of the orchard.

Sweet dreams little lambs!