I’ve been studying on the job. That’s actually part of my job now. I’ve been drowning myself in the NZ GAP manual, and then the Health and Safety manual, and then a whole lot of other manuals. And then attending the Growsafe course as well as the forklift course. One of my responsibility now is to know how to run the entire orchard administratively and in compliance with all the standards required in order to quality our produce to be sold to consumers at a commercial level.

This is nothing new considering the industry that I came from and all the hoops that I have to somersault through. I’ll get the job done and it will be better than the last. It’s really interesting that these are truly all common sense documented in black and white to be executed, which signifies that generally people do not have much common sense at all.

Our Sweetheart and Lapin varieties are getting a head start ahead of the other cherries. In fact, they are already bursting out of their buds, which calls for Boron and Zinc as well as control for Brown Rot and Botrytis. Even the Southern Glo and Spring Crest peaches are coming into full bloom soon, which are are still frantically pruning. Our grapevines are now in the late swollen buds stage, luckily we have manage to complete all main pruning and following days, we’ll just go through for wrapping and cleaning up the whole job.

I would not be able to update that often nowadays because my Farmside Satellite Broadband has been nothing but a pain in the arse. 4 hours of downtime on Saturday, more than 2 hours of downtime on Sunday, and continuous intermittent downtime over the entire week, even the CEO Richie Smith will wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats after a nightmare of me hacking up the satellite dish eerily in front of his bed. I lodged a complain on Sunday and was promised an installer to come over to fix it with the understanding that such faults are urgent which led me to believe its the type where installer-will-call-you-next-business-day-to-come-out-and-fix-it urgent. Yeah, you read my mind there, every time the house creaks, I thought the phone rang. It never rang. No installer. Virtually unusable internet connection. A very pissed off customer.

Ok, let me check if I had the fleeting moment of internet connection before I click “Publish”. Yep! All clear!