Today I had to give the ultimatum, “if there’s any more row done as bad as this again, you will not be paid for the entire row”. Hint: never try to exploit the nicety of people, just because I am usually nice and kind does not mean I will allow my staff get away with mediocre quality.

I wonder what happens up in Bleinheim. With this new casual staffs coming from up there, I had to tie a ribbon on every vine that is not up to expectation, and the entire row lit up like Orchard Road (Singapore) in Christmas. All I know is that these staffs don’t get paid minimum wage up there and their piece rate is peanuts. There’s this saying, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, and monkeys don’t really deliver in quality, they just work very fast to accumulate more peanuts to fill their tummy. In the end, it is up to us here in the valley to rehabilitate and retrain these staffs to focus on quality of the work being done.

Getting the job done well while you are slow might cost me x1.5 but getting the job poorly done and getting sent back to redo it will cost me x2. Quality and speed should go hand in hand instead of being an opportunity cost to each other.

Our Amredark in full bloom.