I attended my very first GROWSAFE course on Thursday. GROWSAFE is abut promoting safe, responsible and effective agrichemical use. And you need to be GROWSAFE certified to be approved by NZ GAP to apply agrichemicals in the orchard. Definitely looking forward to spend some peaceful time on the tractor in the coming days.

On another note, I have been banging my head against the monitor screen at work while having FileMaker Pro 10 running on the main window in a hopeful attempt that I will suddenly know all I need to know about this software and to manipulate it to my will. That did not happen. I find the whole interface ancient and too unsophisticated for someone sophisticated like me (hohoho!).

I took another crack at it today, yes, I worked on a Saturday, but I gave up after an hour, clocked out and came home. I will do what I do best, I will write my own program using PHP and MySQL and run it on WAMP server locally on the computer. Easy as twirling a pen around the fingers.

All I need is a database with one table to record the orchards blueprint, and a few other table to record the different types of cost input as well as crop production and revenue, along with a system to attribute these cost and revenue factors back to individual sub-blocks as well as overheads.

Its really simple and I can easily script it out with PHP after I design the MySQL database coupled with a system to import data directly from Excel files. Possibly one tenth the time required for me to learn how to use FileMaker Pro 10.

The goal, the end result, it to be able to be very specific at tracking cost-revenue factors for better decision making and problem identification.