Wednesday was an exciting day. One that is rather insane.

I had my practical driving test in the morning during one of the most treacherous weather condition I have ever experienced in NZ. It was a blessing in disguise because during the part of the test where you are supposed to identify hazards on the road. There are virtually no hazards because people stay out of the rain, cyclist don’t ride in the rain, and cars drive slowly and carefully. Furthermore, driving in bad weather was nothing to me after 9 years of driving in a country with severe thunderstorms every year. Congratulations, I am now how a full NZ driving license!

Our valley was flooded on the very same day, the river bursts its bank thanks to more than 100mm of rain. I had to be rescued from my house with the help of the John Deer farm tractor before the firetruck sent by Civil Defense arrives and spent the night in Grant and Helen’s home. In the late afternoon, we went around the valley to assess the situation, while the rain is still bellowing down on us. The river flats were flooded, poor bees.

When I went home the next morning to find out what damage has been done, much to my pleasant surprise that the water is just about an inch away from entering the house, wetting the carpet and probably destroying my Farmside satellite modem. The truck which I have moved onto slightly higher ground is also working soundly. The only downside is all the new and old mulch coverings have been washed off. All of my cultivated patch has been covered in mud cake. At first thought, I have sown some wildflowers seeds and cottage garden seeds, those might have been washed off by the flood, but on inspection this afternoon, I see some seedlings are growing out of the patch, still some hope there that they are what I sown.

Part of the river flats were still flooded when we went to the orchard. Drums, pallets, bee hives, are all over the place. We have got multiple delayed shipments of Winter rain dumped onto us in a single consolidated shipment. How’s that for mother nature to tell you that she is still the boss? That you can do anything you want on earth, but if she doesn’t like it, she will just wash it clean off with a flood?

Luckily this is just a reminder, not the real deal.