We are having a smaller crop than expected this year due to the Spring weather. Cloudy, cold, wet. Something that the bees would say, “its too cold and wet for me, not work today!”.

But we are still going to have a good crop!

What might be a usual reaction is for the grower to cut back on the nutrition program because there are less crop, or to cut the nutrition program altogether and call the season a flop. No. We won’t give up without a good fight. If there’s half the amount of cherries left on the tree than expected, we’ll want them to weigh twice as much because the sales are by weight and not the number of cherries you put through. We’ll be giving our trees the best care possible to ride out this season with heads held up high.

In fact, I had a call from a fund raiser last week who wanted to buy some of our cherries to sell for some fund raising activities. First pre-order of the season!