Its raining today, which has temporary put me off from going out to work my garden. I have to re-cultivate the second part of my wildflowers meadow before I sow the remaining wildflowers seeds as grasses are starting to come out from it again. Its a rewarding sight to see that tiny seedlings are already coming out from the first part. We may only create a handful of babies in our lifetime, but growing plants from seeds are just as amazing, plus I doubt they will drain as much money off you as kids.

I tag along with Grant and family to the Canterbury A&P Show yesterday. Apparently the Canterbury show is the biggest in the South Island and therefore, a lot of industry players will be there. The only damper is the gusty wind, it just kept going from morning to evening which makes the event less enjoyable because I have to spend half my energy battling the wind and trying to get out of it. Its good to see more seaweed products are hitting the market.

I’ve been reading about biodynamic and I find it really interesting to harvest cosmic energy to bring agriculture to the next level. In layman terms, biodynamic for plants will be like astrology in the likes of horoscopes for you. In fact, the use of astrology is the same but interpreted for plants.

The most basic form is the spiral, which if you observe in things around you, occurs everywhere from the tiniest of snails to the huge galaxies in the universe. Then there are the elements that plants are related to, roots for solidity (cube), leaves for water (halfmoon), flowers for light (triangular), fruits for warmth (sphere). And also numbers and patterns, especially in the petals!

Most of these we took for granted. Especially the soil that is the growing media. I hate using herbicide for a reason, it is something that kills, and I believe it will not only kill plants but also the soil and things living in it. Biodynamic also focus on improving the soil the natural way with the likes of Preparation 500 which are made with cow dung in cow horn buried in the ground for about 6 months. Its then dissolved in the water with the influence of vortex (spiral), and spread onto the land at the right cosmic timing. This, of course is just the beginning.

In comparison to chemical farming, biodynamic is like working out at the park and having a healthy diet to build a great body, chemical farming will be like working out at the gym and having protein shakes and steroids to build a great body. Biodynamic takes organic farming to the next level.

Biodynamic inspired me to stop glyphosating the nettles but instead harvest them to make compost tea.