Due to the eccentric climate this year, the wood pigeons are starving.

This time last year, they would be gorging themselves silly with delicious firm maroon color cherries while the cherry pickers are running back and forth between the cherry trees and the trailer. I would be yelling at the pickers to clean out each trees, to be gentle on the trees and not break branches and spurs, to pick the right size and color and stop filling the bucket with rubbish.

When I first touch down in Christchurch again, some months ago, I asked Grant how are things going, and from what I gather, the Winter was great with minimal down time and the guys are out working in just their t-shirts without extra layers. Then come Spring and along with it, the rain.

On Friday, I compared the rainfall records with last year and realized that we are 500mm short on rain. We received 90% less rainfall than last Winter. At the same time, Spring has accumulated more rainfall than Winter! This reminds me of my buddy who is always late. Not the 5 to 15 minutes, not the half an hour to an hour late, but a couple hours late.

Hopefully the rain will draw a rain check and return in late Autumn or Winter. We need good hot sunny days from now on, like the one we have today. Otherwise our endangered wood pigeons would starve to death due to cherries deprivation.

Will tomorrow’s heavy rain be the last?