While not at the orchard, I’m busy in my own garden getting the wildflowers meadow established and getting the tucker patch ready. This is all new to me, I’m just going about doing what I think would be the right thing to do and at times, asking Grant, Simon and Google for advice.

So far, everything I have planted directly into the soil has grown. Phase 1 of my wildflowers meadow have put up true leafs while Phase 2 of started to germinate! My herb patch shown me a lot of seedlings have germinated, and I believe more than half of them are stinging nettles which used to infest that patch, just some weeding out by hand pinching them out when they start to put out their true leafs and show their true color for what they are weekly will do the trick until the thyme, rosemary, parsley, and oregano finally comes up.

I tried to establish a ground cover of mustard greens for my tucker patch which is a perma-culture technique I learned from Grant. The mustard seeds have germinated and they do started to put out true leafs and I have sown more in today to cover some bare patches. Some grass and stinging nettles started to grow on the patch but in time the mustard greens will establish and smother them out along with the help of some weeding with my newly purchased cheapflimsyabouttobreakanytime Buy Right torpedo hoe. Then the brussels sprouts, the asparagus, the sweet corns, the chili plants, and the pepper plants will go into the ground! There’s a reason its called a tucker patch and not a vege patch. This patch goes 35 meters in length with a width of only 2 meters and run just beside the fence and gets all the sun any plant could get dream of. Not only veges will be grown here but little shrubs and trees that produces edible crop. I’ve already got a cherry tree and a peach tree lined up, and also a plum stock which I can graft whatever summerfruit on. The plan is for some berry fruits as well in the future. And among them… veges! Its just an idea and I have no idea if it would really worked out as I have imagined it to be or not, but at least, that’s the plan.

The part about seed raising for transplants are what baffles me completely! Everything I put into the soil directly just shoot away and never look back but those I put in delicate little transplant pots, put them indoor beside the kitchen window, protected from the elements, some of them never germinate, some of them wilted and die shortly after. And one would have thought that the one that was planted in a “nursery” would have better luck.

I’ve got a whole lot of Rhodocinton Purple Bells that never germinate, a 0% hit rate, and I come to conclusion that I might have buried the seeds too deep. The resolution then is to spread them jiffy pellet pots into a tray and mix them up a bit in hope some random seeds will be near the surface and see if anything germinates.

I’ve also got a whole lot of brussels sprouts germinating close to a 100% hit rate, some just tipped over and die shortly after which is due to damping off from too much watering, while some have their cotyledons underdeveloped and/or shriveled up without having their true leafs out which I can only credit that to too much sun and heat. So, I bought a portable green house from Warehouse and put them on the patio where it would only get the gentle morning sun.

I had all this issue mainly due to my inexperience with the justaddwateranditwillpopup jiffy pellets which is mainly made of peat moss with no soil content. Which then I do not know the field capacity and wilting point of the growing medium and how often to water them. I might go on to making a newspaper origami pot and using proper seed raising mix which with this method I can also transplant the whole lot into the ground like the jiffy pellet pots. Or, I will start a seed raising patch directly in the ground!

On the bright side, most of my morning glory are coming up with their huge cotyledon and the true leafs are starting to show! They all look pretty healthy which fingers crossed would one day see them climbing up my fence looking elegant with huge white flowers.

I’ve got more seeds lined up and they are staying warm in the hot water cupboard until they germinate and they will go into the green house and enjoy the soothing morning sun.

On a side note, asking Google will come up with a lot of answers that sort of relates to growing marijuana!