In the blink of an eye, Spring is over, with more rainfall than Winter. Summer is here, and the experts said that it will be a really hot Summer. Well, we wish that holds true. Soon, as human beings, we’ll be whining about how treacherous the Summer is, baking hot. Its a blessing in disguise.

We are expecting to pick our Mayfire nectarines some time this week, Grant and I are going to pressure test them with the penetrometer and if the pressure is less than 10psi, then its time to start the coolstore up, getting the picking bags out and start picking! There will be quite  a number of seconds though due to the rain which caused the fruits to crack.

Whenever I passed by our blocks of Earlise cherries I tried to look for some ripe ones. Its a tough hunt and they are usually still pink! We were already picking them last year, but this year they are late. However, its heartening to say our Rossanns are doing well and had enjoyed the wonderful Summer weather.

Finally, the time that we have been working towards for the entire season is coming around. This season will be different from the last in many ways.