On 23rd December 2010 around 2pm, I was handling the PYO counter at the orchard on my own and the ground start moving. The office and stone fruit packhouse starts to rattle. Customers back off from the building while I stood under it looking intently at the structure to see if it is holding up. And of course, waiting for the tremor to worsen, which it did not, it stop. Phone lines were temporary down. And business carries on. People continue to come in to pick cherry. Customers continue to pay for the cherries they picked. And we share our latest earthquake experience. I’m just glad that we did not put any tall ladders into the PYO blocks which could very well increase the risk of people falling off in the event of an earthquake.

That’s the day. What do I worry about then? I ran out of food. Friday is my grocery shopping day, its literally the only day I will be going into civilization in an entire week. There’s no meat and vegies in the fridge, I could very well be eating spaghetti with mint sauce and mayonnaise for a week! “Go to RaewardFresh Harewood, its still open”, says David. That’s a relieve, but I stopover at Countdown Hornby anyway which is on the way to Harewood to check if it is open. Good news that they are fully prepared for the earthquake this time, its business as usual for Countdown Hornby and I did all my shopping there. Though, I did make a mental note to shop at RaewardFresh sometime in the near future, I’ve heard a lot about it, and my boss owns it. ;p

I saw this Easy Setup Professional Weather Station going for $109 on nznature.co.nz. I know very well that I don’t need it, I just want it. Which stopped me from clicking the submit button half an hour ago to order it online. Indeed, I have already filled out all my credit card details! To be able differentiate what you truly need, and want, I believe, is one of the greatest achievement in my life towards financial freedom. But if you are reading this, and have not got me a Christmas present, you know what to do!

I have been working for 13 days straight clocking at least 10 hours each day, and all I want for Christmas is to turn the alarm off and have more than 8 hours of sleep!

My latest saying, “I’m too old for this.”. I wonder whatever happens to the guy who once tell everyone he is 21 every year. I’m too old for that…