Last year was a year of change. The largest change for me is an industry change, a change from the largest IT company in the world to the largest Vaporgard user in New Zealand. Or used to, we didn’t order any Vaporgard this year but merely use up what’s left from last season. Hopefully, we don’t make too big a dent on Key Industries’s balance sheet. I have never been more at peace after this change.

Along with this, brings a lot of first times. Driving tractors, driving forklift, doing irrigation, running the packhouse, doing PYO, and a lot more. Challenging and fun, that’s what I would classify them. Not to forget pumping out David’s pool for like 3 times, which is quite an effort. I’ve also got myself a NZ driver license just so that I can get an F endorsement on my driving license. And get myself started on getting the Hort 4 certificate through apprenticeship.

I’ve also painted my thumb green. I glyphosate more than half of the lawn at my house, bring the tractor in to do some rotary hoe-ing, and sow bags and bags of wildflower seeds. Thought that was the last of it, then I proceed to transplant all the trees by the fence line to the side and back of the house to make way for a tucker patch of vege and fruit trees. I even attempted to setup a fertigation system using a 1000l container, but sadly it did not work as intended, had me back to the drawing board. I don’t think this is the end of it, I’m thinking of converting the remainder of my grass lawn into a chamomile lawn. Its interesting how every car that drove by my house seem to slow down when they pass it.

What will 2012 bring? More change. I suppose. Mother nature will nudge us in the right direction.