The shop is open. You can see the smiley face on the board with the big bold word “OPEN”. Right now we are just putting through what we have from the orchard, as well as some product of NZ courtesy of the merchandiser from Raeward Fresh. Therefore, if you are passing by on your way to or back from Akaroa, bring some cash because we don’t have an eftpos machine. Our fruits go as affordable as $1 for a kilo.

The harvest season is about to become intense again, our apricots are coming on in full steam, which means that we are picking tomorrow regardless of weather, which right now, says that it is going to rain. The last of our nectarines are coming off quickly, beautiful Southern Glo. Coming few days is going to be madness all over again, and everything will be peaceful again in a weeks time.

What’s next will be the vineyard. Our guys are doing the final of the wire lifting before we put the trimmer through to get everything looking tidy. The timing to put the trimmer through, I was told, is when you just about can’t put the trimmer through, when the canes from both side of a row are bending over and shaking hands. We’ve quite got quite a bit of the timing wrong this year with the vineyard, and thus the new rule of thumb is better late than early.

Earnscy came over today to check on us, and we’ve decided that we should get started with pruning. We’ve done a lot of big cuts last year which help to get the trees back into a proper structure, and this year we are going to do some final touch up, removing one or two thick branches, getting rid of water shoots, and massaging some upright shoots into fruiting laterals. I think I will be on the saw more often than the secateurs this time round. Talking about training the branches by tying them down, we have reached agreement that it is only worth doing for the base tier.

Perhaps, by the end of this year, we will see the whole orchard covered in clover. With this move, we just about eliminate the use of herbicide. Perhaps, we’ll also be reducing our frequency of mowing the orchard.

I came upon this article today, “BusinessNZ’s grinch guide on who to fire“. Hiring, training, and firing is one of the key activity to keep a business sustainable, especially for small medium businesses. However, I will always keep in mind that for every person being let go, it is not because they are hopeless or useless, but because they are just not suitable for the job and they can be really good at something else.

After all, “everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid,” says Albert Einstein.