The last bit of summerfruit came off last Friday and we send them straight to the shop. Super deal, $10 for 5kg of mixed grade freshly picked apricots! If you spend more than $30, you get a complimentary 500g punnet of cherries, that’s novelty ;).

Earnscy came over last Sunday and got us started on pruning. We’ll start making some big cuts at the top of our very old nectarine and peach trees to get them into Christmas tree shape again. They look like an umbrella now, or otherwise, they look like my university, UTS Tower, which is a perfectly symmetrical tall standing rectangular block cited as the ugliest building in Sydney. Peach and nectarine trees are just insanely vigorous they kept throwing out huge watershoots! I learned that cutting them back in Summer devigorates the tree while in Winter, you will invigorates the tree.

The cherry trees need to be worked on too, we walked among the trees and some rows pruned by inexperienced pruners have too much wood being left on, thus crowding out the canopy impacting light penetration and airflow. This, we’ll make some big cuts again removing one or two branch to create some room. Also, cutting some very long fruiting laterals back to secateurs length. The huge vase shape Dawson need some freestyle haircut on the weeping branches apart from clearing up the inside of the vase, I love this job because you get to climb into the center of the tree!

There’s more work to be done on the young trees as well, to space them out at the top tiers as we’ve choose to let them grow untouched the last time we worked on them. They look really promising now. Unfortunately, the lambs almost completely destroy our newly planted apricot trees on the hill. They love apricot leafs! That means a reset and restart with the tree shaping process, cutting them back to a whip. The 2 years old apricot trees in 35 are looking real handsome too, we’ve decided to train them into vases.

That’s the plan. We’ve also decided to cut down our herbicide application by abandoning the scorched-earth concept but instead go for a complete clover groundcover. This will hopefully bring more life back into the soil and help with water conservation. Clover fix nitrogen too!

Our orchard party on Friday evening was a blast! Some guys got really tipsy, including me. But its all good, David dropped Cory home while Marilyn walked me home. Graham was the BBQ Masterchef of Kaituna Valley dishing out tantalizing sausages and steaks for the lot 😉 Grant finally got the pool filtration system going after the contractors sent over by EQC to fix the concrete paving around the pool make a complete wreckage of the pipelines. The swimming pond, is now a swimming pool!

Today, is the eve of Chinese New Year. Normally, I would be at home having dinner with my family, my mum will dish out abalone lou sang, steamed chicken, prawns, silver pomfret fish, and all the good stuff! Top that up with a bottle of really good wine. After that, we’ll sit around the mahjong table and gamble our year end bonus payout away, at least we kept the money in the family 😉 And all the other good stuff, chicken and pork jerky. And we’ll have ample supply of fried nga gu, also known as arrow head crisp, which, if made by my grandma, is really delicious. And of course, a lot of other deep fried snacks, which is really unhealthy. GP makes a lot of money this time of the year because a lot of people will be going to the clinic for a sore throat tonic. Lots of beer, lots of snacks, lots of overnight gambling, and lots more midnight fatty supper to provide the energy to gamble till sunrise~