Grant and I spent the week tending to the young trees. For the entire season we have trim and trim and trim, encouraging strong fruiting shoots to come out. Now, in the end, we are pruning them into tiers spacing them out setting them up for production in the coming season.

Lambs love apricot leafs. They love it so much they try to climb the young trees, reaching for the tastiest leafs at the top and in doing so, pulling the whole graft down breaking the union. The cambiums are half in tact, so the trees are still half alive. We are going to build a wire support along the rows to tie the trees to it, soon. With some Bacseal, we hope they will heal in time.

The 2 years old apricots in 35 have been trained into multi leader vase. We just don’t feel like putting a trellis over them. Among them are GoldBar and GoldStrike which bears amazing fruits! I have taken a cutting from each variety, hopefully both of them will root because they cross-pollinate.

Next week, only Hito, Cory and I will be around, the rest are having the week off. We’ll be spending our time tending to the vineyard. Some lateral thinning here, some leaf plucking there. This grape season is really slow, and late. Which makes it a wee bit annoying with the shoots that keep coming out at the base near the ground, we have just been going at them non stop and they kept popping out!

Side note, I’ve received the course modules for my Hort 4 apprenticeship program. I have not started on it yet, I have been burying my head into Agriculture Course by Rudolf Steiner. On the positive note, I know that I have done at least 80% of the modules already, if not all.