Almost Christmas trees I would say, for Christmas tree have only one leader at the top, what we have are a modified central leader with a mini umbrella at the top. We were pruning block 1 for the entire week and those huge, old trees looks more like an umbrella tree than a Christmas tree. We kept our saw busy getting them back into a proper shape, for the umbrella shape will shade out the lower tiers and thus reduce new growth. We have finally accepted training down of water shoots to become scaffold branches at the lower tiers as a necessary for old trees. For these stonefruits are so vigorous the shoots thrown out from the trunk at strategic locations tend to just head for the sky!

We’ve got some new hires to work on the grapes, and they are good! Its always a blessing when you get good staffs. They will be helping us to put out the nets on the vineyard, put in new wire clips, and to cut out suckers on the whole orchard!

I am actually quite intoxicated at the moment, so I shall make this a short one. Have a good night!