Mitre10 was clearing small pots of Lavender Stoechas on Friday for 99c each, there were dozens of them then. When I went back on Saturday, there’s none of them left. I did not buy them on Friday as I want to research more about this variety, turn out to be a keeper. Not to lose out, I bought 5 larger pots of that which is being cleared at $5 each. I consider it a good deal as it would cost me $22 to get 5 of them from Country Gardens which is about the same size as those clearing for 99c.

Remember when we were young, using a knife for the first time, our parents will tell us not to use the blade in anyway that can end up hurting ourselves. Such as, cutting towards your other hand or blade pointing at yourself. Well, I managed to cut my own finger today while modifying the irrigation system in the greenhouse, while thinking about my parents advise. “I don’t think I should be using it this way… OUCH!”, and blood started to spill out like a gash on a 50mm irrigation pipe. The emergency first aid personnel at the back of my mind kicked in, dropped the penknife, gripped my bleeding finger as tight as I can to stop the bleeding, walk, not run, to the kitchen sink and run cold water over it. Check if my finger is still working, all joints are working fine, phew! Think! First aid kit! There’s a mini-kit in my bag, walk, not run, over to grab it, back to the kitchen sink, quickly open up the kit to find what is the most suitable item to fix the hand. I ended up with this plaster which has got silver lining in it that kills bacteria, that removes the need to use antiseptic cream. Continue to grip the finger tightly. The bleeding stopped quite quickly, thank God!

I went back out and finish the work after that, and proceed to dig out 3 trees and transplanted 2 of them while getting rid of the other one. The patch under my window will soon be ready for 4 old world roses and 3 Lavender Stoechas as well as other good companions. I’ve got 10 bales of pea straw today too!

Was discussing gardening with Grant the other day, and the idea of random sowing came up, I decided to trial it, but I am going to do it on a separate patch. As usual, I like to complicate things, and to complicate it further, I am going to build a cloche, raise the ground level a wee bit and have a window over it! I’ve got all my materials, I am most likely going to build it later, while utilizing one less finger. I will definitely share the photo as its definitely going to blow your mind off, since I complicate the cloche as well.

On the orchard front, I finally had a go at pruning cherry tree! I think I am a natural 😉