It was hot! It is hot! I thought Summer was over… Or so the Chinese saying Tiger in the Autumn, which has the same meaning as Indian Summer. It’s a good time for weed seeds to germinate before they get wipe out in the Winter.

After a few cold nights, I have swapped some of the energy saver bulbs over to the heating bulbs at strategic locations. These are genius! I don’t even have to bother about starting a fire early in the morning while I get ready to go to work. Just stand under one of these and there will be warmth!

That’s the nets on the Bonehill Vineyard. Our team has patched most of the smaller holes. This coming week we are going to patch up those humongous holes!

The cloche that I talked about. 1.8 meter by 1.8 meter. 30cm high with a 10-15cm raised bed.

The lid folds into an a-frame roof.

The lid can be folded all the way back onto the ground with the use of overlay hinges. This will happen when the plants have grown way taller.

Then I asked myself, what if I wanted to mow the lawn? Well, that’s the solution.

The plan is to grow strawberries at the corner right under the hinge. While the rest will be a random sowing of a mix of mesclun mix (greens), dwarf peas and beans (legumes), and carrots (roots). Its where all the spare seeds I have after sowing into the tucker patch will go.

I have also designed a cloche specially for growing strawberries. It utilized double lids (lid-over-lid), with the top lid of clear polythene and the lower lid of bird netting. Being of 1.8m by 0.9m, it will have 6 rows of 3 plants at 30cm spacing. Each row will have a 3 year old, a 2 year old, and a 1 year old to ensure a constant replacement of old plants with young plants.

I have discovered that old world heritage roses are different from English rose. The difference? Age. One is more than 100 years old while the other is less than 50. English rose are hybrids that features the best of old world rose, its not an old world rose. I have 9 rose plants at the Valley House now. 4 old world rose, 3 English rose, 2 climbing rose. The 3 English rose was an accident, I was out for old world rose but they were displayed in the same section… Anyhow, they have their own spot now right in front of the sleep out which I have turned into a storeroom.

I’ve spent yesterday putting in timber edging along the tucker patch. It was a back breaking job but it will help to keep the whole gardening process a lot tidier and easier. Got my hand on 2 manuka tea tree, a tree fuchsia, and a scrambling fuchsia too! These are natives and will go to the corner where the natives are transplanted earlier in Spring. It should add some height and diversity.