I spent the last few months preparing for this very day. And there, it just past. Sometimes, we look forward to the destination so much that we forget to enjoy the journey.

Grant and I trucked in 8 cubic meters of compost yesterday from Southern Horticulture. It took us 2 trips in 2 utes and 1 trailer to get the job done. I was nervous when I see the tires sag every time the front end loader tip a bucket of compost onto the trailer. In fact, I was praying, using all of my concentration and consciousness to mentally hold the trailer up which is towed by Grant who was driving in front of me. That’s there, we got the compost onto my tucker patch safe and sound. Until the next time, we’ll have to do 3 trips to load Grant’s garden with compost as well.

I was driving this ute and the tires sagged a bit as well, it was grunting along hard with all that load on.

We used the quadbike to maneuver the trailer into place for unloading. Grant’s multipurpose trailer, for his boat or carrying things in his DIY magic box.

With all the compost in place and spread out, I started planting my fruit trees and berries into their final location. They have been sitting in their pot for weeks because I have this crazy idea of getting them in early to acclimatize to the local micro-climate. For sure, the pear, nashi pear, apples, and plum don’t really like the crazy 30 knots Northerlies gusts. But they will adapt, putting out stronger shoots and leafs.

The design of the tucker patch is to integrate permanent plants with cultivation of vegetables while companion planted with a blend of helpful flowers and herbs. There’s 13 rows for permanent fruiting plants, and 13 rows for cultivation of vegetables of which 3 rows goes to the asparagus. The remaining 10 rows for cultivation of vegetables will be divided into 2 parts for crop rotation purposes.

The line up for the fruit trees and berries, the (by the fence / center of row). The first 3 rows I am rotating peas and runner beans.

  1. Pea Rondo/Bean Painted Lady Runner / Blueberry – Climax
  2. Pea Carouby/Bean Wonder of Venice Runner / Blueberry – Powder Blue
  3. Snow Pea Goliath/Bean King of the Blues Runner / Currants – White
  4. Goji Berry / Currants – Red – Gloria de Versailles
  5. Boysemberry – Tasman / Currants – Black – Magnus
  6. Blackberry – Navaho / Nashi Pear – Nijiseki
  7. Raspberry – Gold – Ivory / Pear – Doyenne du Comice
  8. Raspberry – Lloyd George / Plum – Japanese – Santa Rosa
  9. Raspberry – Black – Ebony / Apricot – GoldBar
  10. Grape – Gold – Matakana Gold / Peach – Yellow Variety
  11. Grape – Pink – Iona / Cherry – Sweet Dark Variety
  12. Grape – Red – Cardinal / Rose – Climbing – Lydia
  13. Grape – Black  – Muscat Hamburg / Rose – Climbing – Summer Breeze

I planted climbing rose on row 12 and 13 so that they can climb up the trees, one of which the previous tenant spray painted his name onto the trunk, of which I am hoping the climbing rose will mask it.

I buried a possum each under the pears and plum. I also buried one each under the apple trees on another patch. I got so engrossed with planting a possum under each tree that when traps set at my house stop landing possums, I set the traps up in the orchard to catch more! I need 3 more possums to bury under the olive, almond, and hazelnut trees which are coming in Winter. It must be quite amusing when I went to the supermarket to buy ONE apple every week. Possums love apple! I am going to keep trapping them, they will also go into my compost bin.

I am not a fan of scorched earth concept exposing bare naked earth to suffer a slow painful death under the sun. I mulched with pea straws anywhere I intend to micro-manage what grows there. For Autumn-Winter 2012, I sowed a cover crop of Lupin and Mustard, the Mustard will die away once bitten by the first frost and rot away returning organic matter to the ground while the Lupin fix nitrogen. For Spring-Summer 2012, I will be putting in Lovage, Borage, Dandelion, Valerian, Yarrow, German Chamomile, Alyssum, Hyssop, Mexican Coriander, Sage, Marigold, Pyrethrum, Wormwood, Chives, Garlic Chives, Carrot, and Basil as a cover crop. Barbara from Kings Seeds will be happy to know that I am going to order all the seeds from them.

In my hunt for heirloom corn seeds, I am now a member of Koanga Institute. I will also be getting heritage potato seeds from there. Apart from that, I am also now a Bio Dynamic Association member! That means 3 times a month I will be stirring something for an hour before spreading it out, and once a month I will have to do it in the wee hours before sun rise. I am going to use Preparation 500, Preparation 501 and CPP. I might cheat and try to do Preparation 500 and CPP together.

*15 Apr 2012 – I am supposed to publish this today but I am unable to upload photos due to some server not responding error. So, I am going to sleep instead, an entire body of muscles are in pain!