I contributed 8 mice to the compost bin in the span of a week. I saw another mouse looking at me yesterday, I looked around the house and I still can’t figure out how they got into the house.

The coldest night happened on Thursday at 6am with a minus 0.5 degreeC. It was a very cold night hitting 0 degreeC at 2am. So, we have a mild frost, and I had my fire going for the first time this year.

Frost are just frost, some will shudder at the thought of them because they can be detrimental to plant life, but we have frost protection for that. I find frost beautiful, its like hell froze over and Picasso came out and made his mischievous art. The attention to detail are flawless and divine.

These cute little mustard seedlings mounds are still alive. These kamikaze comrades of mine are deployed for one sole purpose, to get frost bitten, die, and return organic matter into the ground. A very noble cause. I preferred to sow them in Autumn, sown in Spring they do get out of control very quickly if not dealt with.

The orchard can be a very cold place to be in a frosty morning. Now painted in shades of yellow and red, the autumn leafs are falling off the tree onto the ground revealing the skeletal structure of the Summerfruit trees. Pruning them now is going to be more hard work when the wood starts to harden up. And we’ll have to start using Bacseal more vigorously as the tree’s sap flow slows down to a complete stop.

Its over. We have shipped all the grapes to the winery, soon they will make their way into the bottles and head to Europe where they so crave our wine.

The net machine was put on the tractor and we roll up all the nets, store it away for good. Next season, the rolling out of the nets would be a much easier job once we change the multi-row system that we are using now where a roll of net covers a whooping 7 rows. The effort to put out nets over 7 rows is just short of trying to build the Great Wall of China, imagine cracking the whip over the bare sweaty back of slaves.

The first and second strawberries to ripen up at the Orchard Cottage! That’s the Pajaro variety. I had a peak into the Strawberry Cloches and the fruit set are great too! I won’t be completing the project until after I come back from the Biodynamic Conference in early June.

I bought my Citrus! Lemon – Yen Ben and Lime – Bearrs on Monday. Both on the dwarf rootstock. I was going to build the raised beds yesterday but life threw a lemon at me (probably a Meyer variety as it wasn’t that acidic), I received my very first Meridian bill that spans from August 2011 to April 2012. Add that up with the Farmside bill which is due on the same day, its a huge bill. Now, I have to deferred all my planned spending so that I don’t run out of money. At least I ain’t broke, so that’s a Meyer.

I realized that I don’t really know when I can start harvesting them Mesclun Mix and Carrots, I’ll need to research on that. I am not sure I even know how they are suppose to look like, but I think I know, with some good guess. I just did some research, the Majestic Red Carrots takes about 14-16 weeks to mature, I sow them on 25th of March, 15th of July would be the time to harvest them carrots. The Mesclun French Salad Mix on the other hand takes 4-10 weeks to mature, which means that I can harvest them by 3rd of June! Brussels Sprouts will be late winter.

The full moon happens at 4pm today, while the perigee happens at 3pm. Its once a year supermoon, and the time when werewolves wear speedos and a cape and become superwolves!