I usually base the forecast of the weather on MetService’s 3 day rain forecast. Even that, the accuracy is just about the very first +3 hour forecast, and everything else is subject to change, even the +3 hour. We were expecting it to rain cats and dogs from Wednesday to Friday. The rain forecast keep affirming that up to the point I go to sleep on Tuesday night.

I woke up on Wednesday morning to absolute silence, I started to hallucinate about the sounds of raindrop falling on the roof, rainwater running off the roof gutter into my fertigation tank… Nothing. Absolute silence! I reached for my smartphone and checked the rain forecast, what was indicated as the heart of the storm the night before is now just a sorry patch of drizzle.

It did not rain, not even drizzle, but mere occasional spitting. We called Wednesday off, and it rained at 4.30pm for half an hour and calls it a day. However, this is not the first time, I can quite confidently say rain forecast for weather system coming down North of Banks Peninsula only has 50% accuracy level. If it comes from the South however, its very likely to rain unless the rain clouds decided to thin out.

I just longed for that downpour, giving the earth a refreshing Autumn shower to officially mark the entrance into Winter. Mother Nature is often the better irrigation specialist compare to mankind. She knows exactly when to do it and how much to put on, but mankind keeps messing up her plan by trying to turn the entire earth into a greenhouse.

The broad beans and peas that I sow are coming up through the pea straw now. The mustard are growing well and the lupins are just tailing behind. I can already see the seedlings of alyssum emerging from the soil. I have also reworked my planting calender to incorporate more vigorous companion cropping.

I have started to harvest from my cloche now. I am going to pick out some of the mesclun daily for consumption, and this will also slowly open up more space for the brussel sprouts and dwarf peas to grow. I think they are organic, the only unconfirmed factor is the Tui Vegetable Mix (The MSDS says: Vegetable planting mixes are made by blending naturally occurring materials including bark, pumice, sand, plant mulch including chicken compost with a mixture of minerals. The material contains a variety of living micro-organisms including bacteria, fungi and protozoa.) that I used, which is blended with worm castings and compost. Completely spray free too!

Just look at this Seascape Strawberry, just going for it! By the way, I ate 2 of the Pajaro Strawberry early this week. Its just amazing how fragrant they taste to the mouth!