The nature of our orchard and vineyard business, we don’t really get to take a break because there’s work to be done all year round. But we decided to have a week of shutdown period anyway. So what do you do when you have a week off but not going anywhere?

You can trim the hedges with a pair of secateurs because you are too cheap to buy a proper pair of hedge shears or hedge trimmers.

Scrutinize every flower in the wildflowers meadow and come upon a very interesting one like this one, which gives the impression of a flower stalk growing out of the middle of a flower.

Finish a book that you bought with the mere intention as a bookshelf decoration. I would say this book would form a very strong foundation of gardening knowledge, apart from the continuous recommendation of disgusting chemical products.

Plan next season’s spray program according to the ancient knowledge of farming based on astronomical events, which most people knew it as gardening by the moon today. Bio Dynamic Preparation 500 to be used twice in Spring and Autumn, in the afternoon before the full moon (preferably in the descending period). BD P501 to be used in the morning before moon is in opposition to Saturn from Spring through to Autumn. BD P508 to be used 48 hours before full moon from Spring through to Autumn. BD Cow Pat Pit to be used in the afternoon before the full moon (preferably in the descending period), from Spring to Autumn. Liquid feed twice a month, once during mid of descending period and another before full moon, from Spring to early Autumn. Kelp feed when moon is in Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus all year round, reduce frequency during wet period. Neem oil to be used on a reactive basis.

You can also upgrade the heat trap corner by putting in raised beds, and raise it further when you plant a Lemon – Yen Ben and Lime – Bearrs. Train them on a trellis too because not a lot of people do that. But I train them in order to manipulate the sap flow and stimulate them to start setting fruits. This corner will also be used to grow garlic and peas in the winter as well as basil and asparagus in the summer.

Finally, do something adventurous like using dandelion leaves as leaf vegetables! I grow these dandelions myself from seeds I bought from Kings Seeds. People thought I was crazy to pay for weed seeds, but hey, its has the extra element of selection from the seed savers. Weeds, when well cared for, grew to absolute beauty. Too much love can kill weeds too! You might want to try throwing the herbicides away and instead shower the weeds in your garden with love!