Garlic is traditionally planted on the shortest day and harvested on the longest day. I hope tradition applies here because I did just that.

I planted 145 cloves of Takahue garlic grown in the region itself. I bought 1kg of them for $20 which netted me about 16 of the largest bulbs I have ever seen in my life from TradeMe. Each bulb is twice the size of those I bought in the supermarket! While we are on a mission to grow our own food, garlic included, we must be mindful of people who are out there to exploit us, for example, selling 20 cloves of garlic for $20 on TradeMe. Come to think of it, I can even get 1kg of Bio Dynamic garlic for $20!

I have a new member to the Orchard Cottage. His name is Caesar, I named him after the uber smart ape in the movie. He is a Borador.

Essentially, that’s just a term for a Border Collie and Labrador Retriever hybrid. In this case, Caesar is 3 parts Border Collie and 1 part Labrador Retriever. He has inherited the Labrador build of his mum and the Border Collie pattern of his dad.

I have had dogs for pets before but this is the first time I will be solely responsible for him. At home, my mum used to do everything because I am so lazy. Now I have to do everything and I guess that’s called growing up?

Caesar is in charged of keeping stocks off the property, keeping rabbits and possums away, and chasing after birds that decide to have a leisure nip at my plants. Of course, it would be a bonus if he would learn to replenish the firewood supplies in the house and help turn the irrigation on and off. That’s just wishful thinking.

I will start to thin out the plants in the cloche to make room for the winter veges to grow. Mainly the brussels sprouts will have to go for they are still to young to put out sprouts.