The Lemon Meyer in the living room is just starting to blossom. The perfume is intoxicating. It’s like being in the room with someone who overdose on CK IN2U.

All is not well with the Lemon Meyer. It still has not rid itself of scales infestation yet. I treated it with Neem Oil a week ago and follow up with a Homeopathic Sulfur C200 a week later which helps to deter pest and strengthen the plant. Some new shoots are starting to shriveled off and some just drop, and same to some flower buds. If this continues it will seriously weakened the tree. I just got desperate enough to brush the scales with some Diatomaceous Earth with my old toothbrush, which will hopefully dehydrate them. I am quite an impatient person, so I will probably resort to picking them off the tree later in the afternoon.

This is how it looks like from the inside of our spray tractor. It looks exactly like Guido from Cars. The whole thing is hydraulics driven, pivot steer which means that the whole front part of the tractor turns when you turn the steering, takes some getting used to. It takes me 6 hours to spray the cherries and 2 hours for the peaches and nectarines. A scary thing about this tractor, because it is hydraulics driven, there’s heaps of pipes underneath which I heard leaks and break off all the time and you will see the cabin floor will be flooded with oil. Tractor driving is very boring, yet one will feel so powerful as he go along spraying a concoction on to dominate Mother Nature.

We had a bit of snow on Tuesday night. I think this will be the last of the wintry weather. It is of course followed by a frost the following night which had me spraying LB Urea onto the cherry trees already in flower in the orchard which is known to help fend of frost. The temperature got to about -2dCelcius when the sun starts to rise. I sprayed Homeopathic Aconitum C200 as a remedy for cold, windy, frost and hail.

I repotted most of the tomatoes yesterday. 55mm diameter and 130mm high paper pots. I mixed half and half Dalton’s Organic Seed Raising Mix with South-Hort Organic Compost, then 50g of Wally’s Rok Solid (rock minerals) and 20g of Neem Granules. I gave them Homeopathic Arnica C200 to alleviate transplant stress. This will give the seedlings enough ooomph until they go into the ground on Labour Day, or into a larger pot if they decide to make a run for it. The punnets at the front are the bell peppers, Thai chilis, and eggplants. These will probably have another 2 weeks of growing before they get an upgrade.

For the first time in decades, Kaituna Orchards will be accepting EFTPOS for Pick-Your-Own Cherries! In the past we had people holding back on their purchase in case of the lack of cash. We also had people who went all out and had no cash to pay. Either way, both are not good for the business. We also had in mind of drawing up a simple sketch on how to pick first grade cherries so that our customers will have beautiful cherries that store well. Note, cherries without a stalk or with a broken stalk will not store well. We also had people pulling off the fruiting spurs as souvenirs, this is really bad business as it will devastate the fruiting capacity of the trees, therefore, if you want to destroy your competition, go into their PYO orchard and pull off all the fruiting spurs! Only do it if you can live with the consequences for the rest of your life.

Two books that I read this week. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price, this is a book that everyone should read, especially for those who aspire to be parents. Price studied primitive people from all over the world, their health when they are living on native diet, and their health after they switched to modern diet. These primitive people on their native diet have very low incidence of tooth decay, yet they don’t brush their teeth, they don’t gargle Listerine, nor do they floss. They definitely do not have an annual visit to the dentist for high-tech clean up. And yet, modern people are plagued with tooth decay no matter how many times we brush our teeth a day! Dental health is one of the biggest indicator of general health. The answer is in the food that we consumed today. Read the book, it will be the best gift you can give to our future generations.

Another book was written by Thomas and Carol Janas Sinclair. Bread, Beer & the Seeds of Change. It is a really interesting read about the history of food until they start to advocate Nitrogen fertilizers, revel in the marvelous pesticides and herbicides, and slam the organic idea. “The requirements for obtaining the USDA certification label of Organic make widespread growing of cereal grains virtually impossible. Many of these restrictions are based on the idea of limiting the use of “artificial” approaches in growing the crops. The regulations are a curious set of dos-and-don’ts; for example, plant varieties generated from the transformation of a single gene are strictly prohibited, but plants resulting from breeding that alters hundreds of genes in unknown ways are acceptable. Certainly, all plants used in organic farming have already been genetically manipulated in their history.”. Here, they try to justify genetic engineering.

One of Caesar’s sleeping position. He is recovering well, I gave him some Homeopathic Arnica C200 to help alleviate the shock. He also got over the effects of antibiotic now, it meddled with his bladder and bowel control.