There’s always a first time for everything.

Like harvesting less than ripe broad beans. Exactly what I have done. The pods all look big enough to me. In the end, only one of many pods are of actual harvest size.

Having said that, you will never get it wrong with strawberries! They are already kicking into production! The genius of day neutral varieties.

I have always said that potted plants are a blasphemy for we put a barrier between them and Mother Earth. Yet, I am blasphemizing myself with all these potted pre-1800 apple and pear trees.

The wildflowers meadow is getting ready to put on a show. Poppy flowers on the far corner and a carpet of white alyssum just by the patio.

I setup a table outside the orchard gate and put up all my remaining tomato seedlings and aloe vera to give away for free. I thought I would be happy to see just some plant taken up at the end of the day. To my surprise, the lot was gone by lunch time! Hope they will get as much love as I have given them from hence forth.

The Marianna cuttings that I poke into pots of sand has rooted! It appears the best way to tell is when the top shoots starts elongating. They are now potted into PB3 bags for further root development before being planted out into a nursery bed somewhere, probably Block 1. I would like to graft on to them is the red leaf version of Black Boy Peach, Arapahoe Peach, and River Peach.

I used to spend my Labour Day with a 24 hours hibernation period while my parents labour away cleaning up the house and stuff. Now, I spend my Labour Week labouring for 72 hours while Caesar roll lazily on the grass and chew on his many bones hidden away in holes in the ground. At 25 weeks old, he is now 17kg. His top speed so far is 25kph but he can cruise with the quad bike consistently at 15kph. Despite learning a lot of commands, he has failed to learn a trick where all my previous dogs knew, to put his paw on my palm when I say “hand”.

It seems that I have not mentioned about the orchard for a while now. I shall do so next week. Fingers crossed.