I spent the entire weekend doing a crash course in food forest permaculture design in Lyttelton. I was so grateful that the team at Project Lyttelton organized it and allowed me from the other side of the summit to participate along. I can read all about permaculture, all about horticulture, but it would never beat the experience of learning it in person from someone who has walk the talk, and also take me through it hands on.

Its great to get to know more people too! To expand my social circle, and stop being a hermit in Kaituna Valley. I know I am turning into one when I don’t really have a social life. Or, my social life involves me hanging out in my manager, Grant’s garden. Rural life can be cruel to ones social life.

The greatest secret of pot luck discovered! Scour through the garden and find what’s in season. Then, there’s no need to spend a single cent at the supermarket to whip up a meal. Strawberry sandwiches with Bio Dynamic strawberries. I wonder what will be in season for the 1st December Kaituna Valley Christmas Pot Luck.

I have moved the upside down strawberries from the patio to the woodshed, they get more sunlight there. I just can’t bear to give them too much of a hard time. Partially, its also because some of them are starting to wilt, and just not doing well. I need to find out the error in cultivation before I have their saps in my hand. One possibility is the lack of sunlight, which I have remedied. Another might be the unsuitability of a transparent container. Or it might be the use of peat as a potting mix, once dried out, is not easy to re-wet, so a re-potting with more compost in the mix might help.

In the orchard, we finally got all the wildflower seeds and herbay ley sown. And now, this heavy rain is pounding them into the soil and help to kick start germination. Looks like we are well prepared for next season’s display of colors.

Caesar is being such a darling! Did I mentioned he destroyed the phone last week? He gave me an excuse to spend some money on an answer phone from Noel Leeming. I couldn’t blame him, Border Collie has got a very destructive behavior when they were bored. Being put under house arrest for 3 days would drive any one crazy, not to mention a puppy.