The PYO season concluded today, instead of next Saturday. We have about 600 Sweetheart cherry trees due for next week, today we put up tapes around it with signs that says “Do not pick! Not ripe! Thank you!”, along with a large “Horticultural Spraying In Progress” sign. Our customers couldn’t care less, and they walked out happily with bucketfuls of pink unripe cherries. I could have raised the per KG price. Its one of those moment when you want to take a shotgun down into the orchard and chase people out with a few warning shots.

We tried to hang around and tell people about it, but we realized people couldn’t care less about what you tell them. I even had a debate with a lady about the fact that the Sweetheart cherries are not ripe for picking, yet she insist they are ripe. Now… who is the grower? It almost seems like I can get a bird eye view of what’s happening in the world just by observing the dynamics in the orchard. It’s a grim outlook. A part of me wished that something would have happened on the 21122012, so that these folks would be more conscious about things.

Definitely going to write a book about that. Need to think of an interesting title.

Now that the cherry season is over, its time to focus on the grapes. We have been keeping at it quite well this time. There’s always one to two person in the vineyard ticking along. Again, hiring good staff is the key. Now, I truly believe in second chance.

And I am really happy to return to the usual routine, no more working overtime, no more working weekends. And holidays! What am I going to do during the holidays? I’ll probably spend time gardening, and taking some really long walks, and meditation.

I’ve also been toying with this idea of one week of poverty. If its a good experience, I might do it for a month. The interesting question is, what will I do, what will happen to me, when I have nothing material?

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!