Looking back. Year 2010.


Lots and lots of trees. 23 blocks in the river flats, 7 blocks on the hills, 1 block opposite the hill. Lots of cherries, lots of apricots, lots of peaches, lots of nectarines.

2011-10-01 15.20.46

2011. Then, pulled out some trees here and there. Block 16 to 23 bit the dust and turned into grass. Lots of cherries, lots of apricots, minimal peaches, minimal nectarines.

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2012, more came out. Less cherries, no apricots, non-existent peaches and nectarines. More grass.

The last surviving summerfruit orchards in the region is under threat. I am just glad that my boss is holding strong.

We were running the picking gang and packhouse before, and decided to stop doing it in favor of Pick-Your-Own. Part of it is because of the ugly side of staff do come out during the intensity of the season. However, we realized the ugly side remained there during the intensity of the Pick-Your-Own season, but this time, instead of just a couple dozen staff to deal with, its thousands of customers. At one point, we seriously do wish something physical will happen on 21 Dec 2012 to shake things up a bit, so that the people on Earth will wake up to the truth, whatever that is.

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Plants, on the other hand, are all about abundance. Like those strawberries. The just keep giving. Never complaining that the straws bedding are getting thin, but just whisper silently to you to top it up. Yet, beautiful, crimson red fruits, so fragrant, so tasty.

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The wildflowers meadow, is now a wild grass meadow. Its really lovely, the seed heads swaying and dancing to the wind. However, I took the weed eater to it today, gave them a rather unprofessional crew cut. I’ve some new plans for the plot, something about permaculture orchard design, and maybe chick-chick-chick-chickens! I am not quite sure yet, I’m still a sucker for masses of wildflowers. Guilds among wildflowers? It needs to be creatively chaotic.

New Year Resolution. Learn how to play the harmonica. Learn more. Be humble. Humility, lack of, is my weakness, and it will hold me back, from wisdom and truth.

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Caesar is a good boy. But I just can’t stop him from barking out loud when I am leaving, in the car, the truck, the bike. =.=”’