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Well, last week’s entry has been a bit late. I’ve been busy.

Now, coming into the final month of Summer, the rain is returning, while the heat is still holding up, and the sunshine uncompromised.

I have also finalized the blueprint for the forest garden.

Orchard Cottage Basic 130206

Not a major change really. All that is changed is, one less olive tree. I’ll start shuffling and planting trees, those that I have on site after my vacation with my family.

Starting with the dismantling of the three strawberry raised beds, which will be used to build the 3 raised vege beds. Transplant the 3 health apples, then plant the pears in from the pots, then apples. Strawberries that are in the way will also be transplanted. That’s the start of it. This will technically relieve me from spending a single dime. 😉

Orchard Cottage Full 130206This is what it will be like if I am going to extend into the back paddock. No elaborate planting, 3 majestic pecan, some alders, more olives, more hazelnuts, more almonds, a crabapple, a sour cherry, 2 rows of cherry on trellis, and lots of manuka trees.

I am really keen to try out the cherry on trellis system that I came up with. It was vineyard inspired.

A lot of dynamics is happening at work right now, I am not even sure if I would be able to complete this project. There’s also the question of why would I even want to start on this project due to this uncertainty?

Well, I do not think this will be a wasted effort. This is after all an experience for me, to be able to create a forest garden. And it will also be a gift, to the future tenants, and the neighbors in the valley who has been enjoying the process and its outcome.

After all, how often do you come across group plantings where most cultivars are more than 2 centuries old?

I shall trot on like a proud horse!

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