I just finished planting up the ex-wildflowers meadow according to the forest garden design. Dismantled one of the strawberry beds, but I left the strawberries in the ground as they are not in the way of the other plants. I will dismantle the other beds soon and figure something out about the strawberries.

Camera 360

It feels really good to be not planting in straight lines! There’s a mixture of curves, hexagon, wavy, and triangles. Drip irrigation is used in this case as the soil is quite heavy, almost. It will be loamy in time. And with drip irrigation means that my pitiful gravity fed water supply will be able to irrigate the whole lot in one sitting.

Camera 360

As you can see, all the trellis have been taken down, and the cancel fighting apples transplanted to their final spot. That’s the only 3 that have been dug out from the ground and moved. The rest, were in pots. And the strawberries bed looks really neat without the whole fittings on, except now its a bird buffet.

So now, I am a few trees short to complete it. 3 more apple trees. 3 plum trees. And an olive tree. Then the main planting will be done. The rest will go along slowly, which in my case, slow is really as much as can be done in a day or two. If you are paying me to work in my garden, I will probably make it a 24 hours job.

Next up will be the tucker patch by the fence, some small plants will be moved, the currants and berries in this case. And then some trees from the orchard will be transplanted here. Peachcot, and Nectarine Mabel. Essentially, the tucker patch will be a Summerfruit strip, except for the 2 odd pears already in there. And companion planted with currants, berries, and grapes, among all the flowery bits.

There’s a lot of things to do. But I am not going to throw my full financial into it this time. Got to be more discipline in my savings/expenditures. Need to hire that rotary hoe too. So there’s going to be some interesting time ahead. And if you catch the drift, it do looks like I am staying put at the Orchard Cottage!

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Here’s the corns! I know we are not supposed to plant different varieties close together, but I did it anyway, as an experiment. From left, Early Gem, Rainbow Inca, Silver Platinum. Note the size difference, Early Gem are capable of growing quite rapidly, and that should also explain the larger size corn. Rainbow Inca is quite pathetic, mostly small plants, and that’s the only corn that I am able to harvest of a reasonable size. Silver Platinum is somewhere in between, but also the most outstanding in terms of flavor and texture, though I have reasons to believe that Rainbow Inca if given a longer growing season will be quite competitive.

Looks like I am still not able to grow corns well enough out here to justify saving seeds on my crosses. Come again next season, and I will setup more contraptions to get them growing hot.