What do you do when it rains, and it looks like its going to be pounding?

Sow wildflowers of course!

I have been really busy… We have had a wonderful harvest, more grapes compared to last year. One vineyard down, one more to go. It felt like an achievement. I have never been given this kind of responsibility before. We have a great team too! On average, everyone took in about 300kg of grapes each for a day of work.

There’s plenty of holes in the nets on the other vineyard. Those bloody old nets. I had to release a hawk trapped underneath it on Friday. I tried to talk it into calming down, so that I can lift the net and it can fly out. It sort of did, but it never sort of say thank you when it flew back out into freedom. What am I expecting? Perch on my shoulder and ruffle up my hair?

I’m planning to have the guys do the chasing birds out everyday from now until the harvest. Those birds. Chase the birds in the morning, go check the nets in the afternoon, and I felt like I am back in enchanted forest once again. Surrounded by birds. How did they get in? Oh… the holes. What about that pheasant? A rabbit hole maybe.

Camera 360

This is the magical product that I am talking about. Cod liver oil and high vitamin butter mixed together into capsule form. How simple life is when you can have Weston A Price in a pill?

I’ve also been thinking, that there, is a product, perfect for a multilevel marketing scheme. $72.50 for 60 days. How would you like to invest $1.21 a day for good health? Totally beats the price of Body Balance of $6.39 for a singles-to-go stick a day.

Side note. Now, there’s also the plan to rename this blog. Maybe to “The Orchard Cottage”… Or “Justin’s Almost Organic Garden”.

Camera 360


What would Caesar say?