Finally done with the grape harvest. Machine harvesting is so easy. However, it is a significant disadvantage to the wine grower.

First of all, only the grapes are harvested, leaving the stalks on vine, that’s quite some weight there on the stalks combined. So if the buyer is paying you by weight, you loose out compare to hand harvesting.

Second of all, the machine harvesting did not shake everything off the vine, yet again, loose out on the weight which usually gets counted when hand harvesting.

However, one will only know once a cost-return analysis has been done.

That aside, I’m glad that its all over. And I can add that experience to my portfolio. Who would have thought I could pull it off?

I’m supposed to take a break tomorrow and spend the day in my garden. However, some big rain thing is coming this way and I can’t leave the nets sitting out there. A wet bundle of net is a heavy and yucky thing.

Now its the time to refocus the efforts back to the Orchard Cottage. To continue with the project that I started. To build a set of steps the patio. To build the raised vege beds. To build the microclima greenhouse.

While cleaning out the loft on Saturday, I stumbled upon some treasures. A huge 4 pane glass window about 2.4 by 1.8. What can I do with it? And a smaller 2ft by 1ft glass window, which I can do up a cloche. Am I going to do it? I doubt so.

Chooks are coming to the Orchard Cottage come Spring! I’ve decided to get some books from the library and see what it takes for me to build my own coop. I’m definitely building one for the broody hen and its chicks. I also need another one for the rest of the family.

I’m so necked. I’m going to sleep.