Boohoo~ I want to work in the garden… I want to dig holes and build things! Its pouring. Its pouring yesterday. Its pouring today. Its going to be pouring for the whole week.

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Though, I managed to fit a few things in between. I built a new set of steps for the patio that lead straight into the forest garden. Its the first project where I ever used a chainsaw. Its part of my chainsaw training. My second chainsaw training, I took it to whack back the hedges, now I understand why people prune their roses with chainsaw.

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Started working on the new vege production area as well. I like raised beds. It gives you a weed free head start. At the same time, ideal for root crops because you won’t have to screen through the soils to remove stubborn bits that makes your carrots grow wonky. It will also be psychologically warmer because the plants are growing 30cm off the ground. In this case, raising it by 30cm also protects it from the occasional flood. The four stakes on each corner, plus an extra taller one in the center of the bed will serve as a supporting structure to drape frostcloth or netting over with plenty of headroom for the plants beneath to grow. I’ll be using leaky hose for irrigation. They also gives a bit of structure. The surrounding floor will be planted with beneficial plants, mainly alyssum. I wonder how would alyssum take to mowing. Another way would be to cover the ground with black stones, but that will be a costly exercise. Still pondering.

Further back in the photo you can see I have laid down the outline for the mikroclima greenhouse. This 3.6mx1.8m greenhouse will also have 30cm raised beds, but with permanent mikroclima covers, and a door. I like the idea of breath-ability and that rain water can permeate through and refresh the soil beneath. It will also be irrigated with leaky hose. I plan to grow tomatoes and peppers in here.

Ooops, it just dropped into my mind that I may just have the micro-climate to grow avocado, macadamia, and citrus on the property! That got me really excited for sure! I think you only need 1 avocado plant, but 2 macadamia. Grapefruit, mandarin, and orange! They can go in a tidy spot behind the house! However, macadamia nut is poisonous to Caesar, so I will have to plant that into the chicken run.

Truly, a lot of things on my mind now. A T-trellis, 1.5m high and 1.2m wide for growing the raspberries and boysenberries in pots. Yes, pots! Will it work? Not sure. I will also put my blueberries in pots in there too, so that they can all go under the bird netting together, and also irrigated together. Hmmm… interesting!

All this imagining is so much fun! I think its what you do, when it rains, and you are stuck in the house. You let your imagination run out, out into the garden, and create and design things…

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Or even to go and cart a cubic metre of compost while the internet is down and its drizzling outside. That’s 2 raised beds filled and ready to go. I plan to sow peas and carrots into them. And maybe something extra.

Oh, did you notice the name change? Its now The Orchard Cottage, and I’ve got my own domain, I’m unable to register The Orchard Cottage as a domain as it turns out there’s plenty of Orchard Cottage around… =.=”’. Anyway, I’ve always been thinking of Almost Organic as a brand. What does almost organic mean to you?