My mum’s dentures would have fallen off her jaw when she finds out I am actually eating celery. Raw! As far as she is concerned, my sister and I ain’t no celery eater, and we would not go anywhere near it. Eating it fresh, raw, and dipped in hummus, actually taste quite good! None of the yucky bitterness came through. Its so good I will chow it down like a cow.

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The entire greenhouse is pretty much good to go. The floor is covered with river stones as a temperature regulator at night. Walk in raised beds filled with beautiful compost from my usual supplier, South-Hort. What’s left is to build the door, and slap on the mikroclima. I will build the door tomorrow if the weather allows.

The weather was supposed to be really crappy today. So everyone says. However, one thing I learned from experience is to observe the change in Metservice 3-days forecast. The weather system looks very intimidating at first, but after half a day of observing it, it shows that it is losing its punch as it goes on. So, what was expected to be hellish today turned out to be a beautiful warm afternoon, followed by a cold late afternoon with some chilly wind, and finishing off with the low clouds coming in, with some moisture in the air. No rain. Not until tomorrow. Perhaps, it might just be a few drops tomorrow. All the better, more reason to procrastinate cleaning the house but to work in the garden. Being out here for more than 2 years, I think I have finally got the hang of interpreting the weather map to local micro-climate.

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The fencing separating me and the extra land has finally been taken. The Orchard Cottage is now sitting at about 1/2 acre. Still not big enough for politically-edible four-legged animals. I took the tractor in today and gave the land a ground-breaking rotary hoe, followed by a merry go round on the quadbike towing the clod crusher behind. I’m glad Grant built the clod crusher for the orchard, otherwise, my neighbors will see the crazy eccentric young man grading all that land with a garden rake. Trust me, if push comes to shove, I will do it.

Now, I just have to wait for the rain, and some more dormant seeds will germinate, I’ll spray them off, and in goes the wildflowers blend, and also chicken grass and herbal ley blend for the chooks area. In the meantime, I’ll be happily going around to mark out the location for the trees!

There’s also some plum rootstocks growing by the road, I’ve got a plan for them. They will all be grafted with a multitude of different NZ heritage stone fruit varieties that I will be procuring from Koanga Gardens.

Seems like there’s a lot of projects going on here through to Winter. I better make sure I am well fed to take on the tasks.

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Caesar’s kennel just had an upgrade, a roof garden! Right now, its a winter nursery for the Colt cherry rootstocks and Kaituna Church Elderflowers.