We had a closed to flooding situation on Monday. The river flow went right up to 30 cubic meters per second after more than 50mm of continuous rainfall and cold Southerlies! I have never seen the river level this high in Autumn before. Seriously need to think about my chooks plan.

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I got quite a handful of books from the library with regards to building my own coop. I have just about designed the ideal coop in my mind for the Orchard Cottage. It will be a walk-in all-in-one coop. The coop itself will be raised 1m off the ground to keep the chooks dry if it ever floods, at the same time, up and away from the cold air beneath. This means that there should also be room to put the feeder and water up, hmmm, maybe a mezzanine floor? 2 nest box with a roll away tray, in which case I might have the nesting box actually inside the coop, while the roll away tray would be outside. It will not have a very high ceiling so that the chooks can keep the place warm easily with their body temperature.

Its a week of reading. I didn’t get much done. Just bits and bobs here and there.

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I’ve got my hand on some concrete pavers, No better place to put them than there. Now, that’s a straight line, easy on the lawnmower. Keeps my boots dry too while unloading stuff from the car straight into the house. And to think of my parents always tell me to take off my shoes before I enter the house back home, and the floor on the car porch is tiled.

I’ve got the netting for the raised beds lined up. The mikroclima for the greenhouse lined up, just need to build a door, tomorrow. The irrigation for the vege garden lined up, to be installed tomorrow. The windbreak for the new fence in the South lined up, need some screws for mounting, next week. Low grow blend of wildflowers seed to sow, tomorrow, and I will thin it down with coal dust. Trees to order and plant. Lots of them!

Coal dust. What is it? Essentially the by-product of the coal industry. If you have read the Bio-char Solution, you will know where I am adapting from. Mind you, what I have here, is what fertilizer manufacturer use as raw ingredient to produce humic acid and the lot. Coal, is essentially mineral of fossilized carbon. It is the charcoal of Mother Nature. This will be my attempt to improve the long-term carbon levels of the soil. I call them dust, but they are about the grit of sand, if not larger, and a bit of dust in between.

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I can’t wait for my very first lemon from the Meyer! Mind you, there’s a major local grown lemon supply shortage last week due to the drought in Summer. Will spray my citrus trees with some citrus food tomorrow morning!

Caesar did not like his roof garden and sought to remove all the cherry rootstocks and scatter them all over the place. On second thought, he might be trying to develop green paws and plant some trees instead. He is no vegetarian.