Good weather. Bad weather. As long as its not pouring mad, I’ll be working in the garden regardless.

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The vege garden side of things is just about done. I’ve used leaky hose style irrigation for them raised beds.

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This type of irrigation combines the good points of drip irrigation with micro-sprinkler system. In my opinion, it combines irrigation efficiency with coverage. Unlike drip which drips only every 50cm or so, and unlike micro-sprinkler which despite covers a wider area, but needs more water pressure to run more sprinklers, and gets foliage wet.

I did the greenhouse door too. Then, I realized I had the hinges on the wrong side. So I fixed it today.

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And did more. I finished the project. Finally. Mikroclima on the greenhouse. And bird netting on the raised vege beds.

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I’ve got some vege seedlings from Oderings, namely Kale, Rainbow Beets, PKLK Onions, Sprouting Broccoli! That will all go into one bed. Then another bed I’ll sow what remains of my red mesclun mix. And one final bed will go with dwarf peas and beetroot. I think that’s a good plan and nothing like the original plan. Then, there’s the climbing peas, and the carrots into the greenhouse.

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Some updates on my over-wintering pepper plant attempt. I started it with two plants, hard pruned down to 3 buds. One died. The other grew to this beauty. I kept pinching out the flower buds as they pop up, and just keep it growing. Looks promising does it? I plan to do the same to tomato rootstock next season.

I just ordered heaps of plants in today. They will be planted some time this week into the patch. The list goes on and on, Eucalyptus, Wattle, Kanuka, Manuka, Tree Lucerne, Toe Toe, Cabbage Tree, Alder, Olive, Chestnut… And to top that up, I just planted the pair of Pecan today, they came all the way down from Taranaki, having took the ferry to cross the ditch!

Had a visit from my neighbor on the hill today too! My security sensor light is spotlighting his house on the hill sited more than a quarter mile away, unintentionally. So, we are going to fix that, or he is, after my attempt at lowering the beam did not work out. He, has got more DIY skills than me after all, he build that majestic stone house on the hill himself. In a nutshell, they like my wildflowers meadow and is pleased to hear that they will be seeing it again in Spring 😉 I’m gloating.

As for my poultry futures, I am going to hedge it with 3 Muscovy ducks. 1 male, 2 females. When I think about that, I am contemplating if I should ditch chooks and just stick with ducks? Reason being, ducks are so low maintenance, and chickens don’t swim, it floods here once a year. It is a lot easier to set the place up for ducks, they can still free-range in the designated ground. The only drawback is I’ll have to hunt for them eggs. Which brings me back to the drawing board. Diversification is the way to go, in this case, not only do I reduce my risk, but also increase my gain in terms of poultry keeping experience!

2013-05-13 17.55.48

To finish this off. Remember those days with the candy bar phone where it is so easy to text and drive? Well, the numeric keypad is back on my smartphone! Woohoo! Its a real hazard trying to text and drive with a QWERTY on smartphone.