We have always hear holy people say, “God works in mysterious ways”. Well, today, that proves too, and the un-holy me shall say it too, “God works in mysterious ways”.

I have not gone biblical, but it just happened that I almost killed myself, twice, today. It started with digging holes to plant the trees that arrived from Te Kahuri Nursery this morning, when I got a sudden urge to go out to Southern Woods Nursery to pick up the remaining of my trees, which I have decided upon a Griotella Tart Cherry instead of Oblacinska. It is an urge beyond impulse purchase, as if being pushed and pulled along  a set destiny.

Hey, I do want that tree, so I obliged. The car sounded a bit funny but I did not think too much of it. I was later on distracted, and annoyed by this Honda CRV dude who was tailing at quite a can’t-brake-safely-in-time-to-kiss-my-arse distance even when I am already travelling at the speed limit of 100kph. Anyway, coming round to the Lavender Farm corner, my car fish tailed, not once, but twice! The 4WD kicked in and got everything under control. For a moment or so, I do feel like a professional rally driver, not sweating it. That SUV behind, still tailing me at the same 0.01 second rule distant, one hand on the steering, the other one resting on the door, yes, he is that close I can see his nostrils through my rear view mirror. Nor did he give me any signal or warning that I am actually running a flat…

I discovered that I did actually have a flat tire at the back when I come into Halswell where the roads are bumpy and I can hear the sound very clearly telling me I have a flat. With the SUV still on my arse, I pulled to the side of the road, and watch him passed in ignorance, definitely not a country driver. The last flat tire I had was more than 2 years ago, amazingly, I am still quite adept at changing to the spare tires.

The thing with running a flat at the rear is that it is seldom noticeable because the steering don’t pull to the side. In my early years, I did drove home from college which is some distance away, with 2 flat tires on the back, at speeds up to 150kph, without realizing it until I arrived home. Won’t know, not with the speakers blasting away at hearts content.

Why is God involved here? Had I not been urged to go into town in the morning, the next time I got into the car would be at 5am in the morning when its still dark, and the road could be wet, or wrought with morning frost. And what of to discover I had a flat somewhere along the way, and had to do a tire change in darkness? Today, I missed my turn into Lincoln and had to take the longer route through Halswell, had that not happened, I would not have quite a safe spot to stop the car to do a tire change, nor perhaps, I would not have discovered I had a flat until its too late.

Perhaps its karma too, that I informed Brian from Te Kahuri Nursery that he forgot to bill me for the Hazelnut Ennis. My honesty and integrity then repaid with safe journey.

Camera 360

Come again next week and these peas will have reached higher. And more about the forest garden at the Orchard Cottage taking shape. Hugelkultur, and weather stations. Ps, I’m not a religious man, yet I believe in something greater than mankind and their brain.