As we waltz into Autumn, we get the strange feeling that the heater was turned off at a flick, and within a split second, the tap flows and the fan blows. Then, it pour down for 3 days, and it flood. They call it one in a hundred year flood, the folks in the city were hit really badly with flood water entering their houses and messing things up. Muddy wet carpet would be my worst nightmare, having seen that 3 years ago in the sleepout cum storeroom by the cottage.

2014-03-06 15.04.43


The gusty wind took down the windbreak, I found out the rebar stake were hollow, and pretty much bend and snapped. I’ll have to use timber now.

I woke up yesterday morning to the wind howling and rain pouring, look out the window and saw the river about to burst its banks, had my breakfast, and the river burst its banks and the water is starting to cross the road. That’s my cue to get out of there, or at least, get my car out of there while I still can. All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go, I got Caesar in the car, and off I go, I just managed to wade the car through the flooded road and off to the farm yard to wait it out.

2014-03-05 17.06.42


It’s not really a hundred year event for the valley at least, because it floods every year. 3 years ago, the river flow went up to 44 cubic metre per second, that was some serious shit, yesterday, it did 43 cubic metre per second. The water recedes enough at 5pm for me to go home and assess the damage.

2014-03-05 17.11.47


The reason for my 30cm raised beds in the first place, is to flood-proof it. It works by keeping all the cultivated soil in there from washing away. I can proudly say that erosion is minimal this time round. The water barely reach the first steps to the house, it did wash through the woodshed.

2014-03-05 17.14.03


The wind has been quite a menace, look at the lean of this almond tree! The weather station recorded 58kph maximum wind gust, along with that, rattled the weather station so badly that it messed up the rain gauge reading.

2014-03-05 17.22.38


A lot of fallen trees all over the places, a huge willow branch snapped and came down on the windbreak. I cut it away with the trusted handsaw, its just willow, easy cutting.

So, things to do next week, sort out weather station, fix windbreak, mowing, shovel gravel from the road.

2014-03-06 17.59.49


I managed to plant the living fence today. The first part will be of alder, and the other part will be elder. Caesar almost ran into it. Now he know its there. Fingers crossed, I hope it works.

2014-03-06 15.07.11

The Orchard Cottage this week, the plants survived the flood. And Caesar found himself a dead possum.