Nah… I think this one is going to fizzle. At least, I don’t think it is going to hit us hard in terms of rainfall.

2014-03-13 10.37.22


Anyway, it got me into getting my weather station up to scratch. The whole stand has got 2 warratah to hold it steady in terms of rain, and the internals had been cleared of spider webs. So, hopefully it will read correctly this time, that is, recording actual rainfall, and not skewed by the gust.

2014-03-13 15.42.30


The windbreak on the West boundary has been repaired. I used 2×2 for the main posts, and rebars for the intermediates. It should be strong enough this time, unless a branch from those oak trees decided to take it out.

2014-03-12 07.53.50


The solar power air pumped has arrived. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but this will do. This particular thing, uses the solar panel to charge the battery, and the battery powers the pump. This means that the pump will not start automatically in the morning, when the battery runs out at night. Means that, I have to manually turn on the pump each time. I would have like something that will automatically goes as long as there is sunlight. This will do for now, the system is complete.

2014-03-13 15.42.08


The possums are back! I have defoliated the roses, and working on the flowering plum. I have, unfortunately sent my A12 trap back to Goodnature for servicing. One of the possum is bold enough to poop on my doorstep. This is war!

2014-03-13 15.44.19


Sitting the Pumpkin Winter Luxury Pie on a bed of straw. Will it ripen in time?

2014-03-12 18.18.33


A good harvest of tomatoes, and more to come. The odd shape Tomaccio taste really good too! There’s all kinds in there.

2014-03-13 18.07.23


Look! A sweet chestnut on my really young chestnut tree!

2014-03-13 15.49.07


The wildflowers meadow is regenerating itself. I went out and chuck some of my old seeds on, carrots, radishes, and other stuff. Mainly root crops that will punch organic holds into the soil. In other ways, it contributes to my food security, I might forage for veges in the wildflowers meadow in the future.

2014-03-13 15.46.37


The Orchard Cottage this week. The cookbook, Single Serve by Penny Oliver is really helping adding culinary diversity to my weekends. I hope they find MH370 soon.