My weather station is no longer friends with the laptop. They have decided to stop talking to each other. Hence, no weather data is being uploaded. That is sad, I will need a special bridge to bypass the laptop and upload data through the router directly. That cost money, and I am not going to spend that money anytime soon. Currently, I’m scrambling to get all my PR documents together to be submitted. Then, Caesar needs to get his kennel cough vaccination, and arrangement for his kennel stay while I go home to Kay-eL in June. At the same time, I need to stock up on firewood. Definitely, practicing some financial prudence right now is very essential.

2014-04-02 18.18.58

Still. there’s work to be done in the Orchard Cottage. I’ve put up the mikroclima windbreak running the full length of the raised beds. This will provide shelter for the young seedlings to grow. Already, the little seedlings are popping up and I’ve started to thin them down.

2014-04-02 16.53.45

I tried out the panorama function on the phone. This one is in the greenhouse with all my tomatoes in it. I had been tasting them, and its interesting all of them have quite distinctive flavors.

2014-04-02 16.47.17

And a panorama of the young forest garden. I took the lawnmower to it and cut out some nice wide path with a plan in mind.

2014-04-03 16.30.59

I’m going to put in swales on contour. Hopefully, I’ll be able to linked all the swales up on one contour. This is still work in progress. There will be one running a circle around the cider apples, and another circle around the healthy apples, and one around the heritage plums, these in circles. Then a squiggly one through the apples right by the patio, and one zig zag through the pears. One circle around each walnut trees. And probably the pecans and persimmon as well. And they will all be linked up wavy-ly. I had a feeling the extended block will be on a different contour, but it can still be linked up through overflow. There’s a rainwater gutter by the patio that can be easily directed into the swale.

In the long run, I hope to not rely on conventional irrigation at all. Lucerne and white alyssum will be sown into the swales. It’s a lot of hardwork, I was working up a sweat on it all day. That should keep me well warmed up through Autumn.

2014-04-02 18.31.42

And my obsession with mowing down the wildflowers meadow earlier on has brought on another flush. It is such a pretty sight at this time of the year.

2014-04-02 18.31.06

The Orchard Cottage this week. I have finished reading A Fabled Land, The Story of Canterbury’s Famous Mesopotamia Station. It is a very inspiring story, and just shows how tough and resilient we can actually be.

Oh. I’ve yet to do any seaweed spray…

Mental note. One year from now, I will sign up for Geoff Lawton’s Online Permaculture Design Course. Some time in between, or later, I will attend a food forest design course for some hands on experience.