It was raining. It is raining. The internet is down all over Banks Peninsula and will probably be down for another 24 hours or so. I still need to do my weekly blogging, so here I am, after taking Caesar to Paul the vet for his kennel cough vaccination in Little River. A cup of chai latte from the Little River Cafe, doing this entry on my iPhone in my car.

59mm of rain this week and counting. Despite all odds, I still managed to finish the swale around the cider apples.

I sow alyssum and lucerne into it, and might mulch it with pea straw in the future dependent on contemplation.

I have also started work on the next swale. This is a figure eight that loops the heritage plums and healthy apples.

And the excavated soil will go to expand the width of the hugelkultur beds or top up anywhere that needs top soil.

The alder fence are now clipped meticulously to the wire. The portable fence to let Caesar know it’s a no go.

This is the Bunyip 2.0 that I made to help me in digging my swales in contour. It is an improvisation from the traditional Bunyip.

The Orchard Cottage this week. I have finished reading Gaia’s Garden. Now I am rereading Design Your Own Orchard by Kay Baxter. I would love to meet her one day in person, she has been the starting point that got me down this path. It all started with the search of non hybrid sweet corn in NZ.