Had a feeling last night that it’s going to flood. So I went out in the rain and howling wind to move the car and point it outside, so that if it does flood, the water will not wash into the exhaust.

When I woke up this morning… The wind was howling with top gust speed of 33 knots. That is just 61 kph, I can feel the house trembling laying down in bed. Wondering if my trees out there is still standing talk, I got out of bed to find out…

I have slept through the most stressful part of the flood, the beginning.

The water level was slowly receding as I washed up. The raised garden beds served their purpose. As I write this, 63.5mm of rain has fallen so far.

Caesar went out to scout the property, and probably looking for the road kill rabbit that he brought home yesterday. This is the first time I spent the entire event on the Orchard Cottage, and I got to make some meaningful observation.

That’s my personal Niagara Falls. Existing waterfalls on the hills are going for it, and streams formed along the hill gullies. To reduce the impact of flooding on the property, I need to slow the water down, and divert them around the property. Thus, I am going to do the Belgian Fence on a raised mound, like a berm. And standby sandbags to put along the gate.

The water is low enough for me to go out and stake down some of the trees. Had a walk around the place and did some gardening. Can’t help it. We shall see how that new swale work out.

That’s the rainfall last week, taken in the morning yesterday.

The Orchard Cottage, where resilience is not an option.