100 Erlicheer daffodils, 250 naturalizing mix daffodils, 200 rainbow mix tulips, 100 King of the Blue bluebells, 50 Christmas lilies, 100 elephant garlic, 1kg Jerusalem artichokes, couple dozen bunches of spring onions. These are waiting to go into the ground.

I have a basic idea of how all this is going to go, we shall find out for real when I start planting tomorrow. The single varieties of daffodils and bluebells will be planted in clumps for best effect, daffodil among pear trees and bluebells in the nutty grove behind the swales. Mix daffodil will be used to edge the swales in the forest garden. Mix tulips along the Privet hedge while Christmas lilies and Jerusalem artichokes along the South fence. Elephant garlic to go into the mound on the North fence.


This week has been quite dry, except that it decided to rain quite heavily as I take this shot. But the rain has now stopped.


You can see that I have finish doing the swales in the forest garden. It now runs all the way into the nutty grove and ends just before the South fence. The seed mix that goes into the swales are Lucerne, White Alyssum, Calendula, and Dwarf Blue Cornflower.

The mound on the North fence just needs some sculpting and leveling and then some cover crop seeds sow over it. Have the wooden battens installed for the trellis, run the wires, mark the tree spacing, and the Belgium Fence is a work in progress.

I guess I will stick to this panoramic view every week instead of the previous view from now on as this has got more perspective.