Had the first frost of the season on 27th May 2014, it went down to -2dC at 4:34am. The sub-tropical plants are still looking fine. Will they survive their very first Winter? I have setup the mister to start going off hourly for 60 seconds from 4am to 8am.

2014-05-28 16.48.09

Rainfall this week at 9mm.

2014-05-28 16.54.29

The amazing tasting Goldbar and Goldstrike Apricots are finally starting to go dormant. The almond trees are still holding the fort, the frost is a good trigger to set them off towards dormancy.

2014-05-28 16.55.12

The mesclun seedlings in the raised beds. They are growing, albeit slowly. I have got all the different mixes available form Kings Seeds in there.

2014-05-28 16.56.59

The brassicas. Flowersprouts, brussels sprouts, and sprouting broccoli. Had a feeling this will be a Spring harvest.

2014-05-28 16.52.36

Most of the strawberry transplants have taken well. There’s some that didn’t make it, which is an opportunity to introduce some new varieties when they become available. I think there’s already Seascape, Sunset and Camarosa in there. Would be adding other good outdoor weather resistant varieties in.

2014-05-28 16.55.50

Mulched the grape and lavenders with pebbles. I think it will be a good idea, better than bark mulch for this instance.

2014-05-22 16.47.36

What do you do when you can get your hand on a lot of spring onions cheap?

2014-05-28 16.51.05

Do a spring onion ring around the cherry trees. I stumbled upon them, saw the opportunity, grab it, not sure if it will work. I cut off the stalks and ate what I can, kept the vampires away for a few days. Kept the roots and the “bulbs”, a brief soak in seaweed dilution, poke them into the ground and put my hands together and pray that they will take. It’s a haphazard job that only takes some time and three gold coins. Flowering spring onion ring is the idea. Onion ring 😉 Hmmm… I am so lazy that I make planting holes by poking the garden fork in the ground, perfectly spaced, just the right size.

2014-05-28 16.53.17


The first apple tree has been planted on the mound for the Belgian Fence. This is the Apple Tropicana, deep red, waxy skin and white flesh that is tinted red. High levels of health-promoting anthocyanins are present in the fruit. The flavour and aroma of this apple is distinctively ‘tropical’ hence the name. Matures about late March. A really special apple that is well worth growing. The Belgian Fence will hold 69 apple trees, 35 of which will be crabapples. I have also planted elephant garlic in between where the apple trees were to be planted.


The view this week. Its a bloody good view. I’ve just started laying the driplines in the swales. Calendula and cornflower seeds have been sown in the swales today. All bulbs planted, Christmas Lilies went along the South fence. I’ve moved some plants around too, remove the Manuka Trees, Cabbage Trees and Toe Toes from the duck area to further down the South fence. Reason being the fence in the duck area will be used to trellis the Kiwiberries, and I’ve also planted Jerusalem Artichokes along it. There’s plan to increase the density of the hedgerow on the South Fence with more Cabbage Trees and Lancewood. Not to forget, Gooseberry, Worcesterberry, and Mulberry.

Currently thinking about a forest garden design for larger acreage, and larger trees. Wildflowers for ground cover. Tagasaste Tree Lucerne mass planted in staggered grid as the pioneer, inter-planted with desired varieties.