I went home to Kay-eL last week to attend my sister’s wedding. I’ve not been back for 3 years, some things change, some things remain the same, the traffic got worse.



Here’s how the produce section of the supermarket look like. Its vast!



And the view from the other side. An interesting note is that the bananas are sold as a whole comb, unlike here in NZ where customers are free to break it up.


The local wet market. Most fruits including citrus and pip fruits are sold as unit price instead of by weight.


And here’s how the garden center looks like. The scale is immense, its an entire street, filled with garden centers left and right. Plants of all kind is available, and mostly, repetitive. However, despite the scale, plant labeling is almost non-existent, which proofs very daunting to people who are not in the know.


Plenty of orchids.


Organic potting mix.

2014-06-09 12.11.04


2014-06-09 12.17.34

Plant labeling at its best. These are mangoes.

2014-06-09 12.10.03

I stumbled into the nursery part where they are propagating some trees. Here, air layering some form of citrus.

2014-06-09 12.01.40

That’s a banana among what looks like guavas.

2014-06-09 11.52.38

The plants being dished out at a garden center which is located in the compounds of a temple.

2014-06-09 12.05.41

Inside another garden center. We didn’t buy any plants. Won’t know where to start. I do know there are some dwarfing varieties available already but the lack of plant labeling gives nothing away. And well, asking the shop attendants, “to control the height, you just cut them back,” well, not the answer I am looking for.

2014-06-10 16.28.59

One very refreshing change though, is the people in the neighborhood has started doing a lot of gardening, planting a lot of fruit trees.

2014-06-10 16.29.27

Not sure what got into them, they are even planting on public land. A very common sight now, banana and papaya trees in people’s tiny garden. Some look more like a forest in an urban terrace house.

2014-06-16 16.49.41

And that should conclude my horticultural journey back home. It was such a short trip, mainly for my sister’s wedding, to catch up with friends, and to check out the local horticultural scene. The flight back is a killer 40 hours journey fraught with delays and detours that took me almost 3 days to recover from.

2014-06-17 16.07.25

Accumulated rainfall, 6mm.


Coming back to Orchard Cottage, I noticed the pukekos have decided to take over, they are everywhere! But of course, Caesar got them helter-skelter.