Sad news. The last batch of 15 Tagasaste Tree Lucerne that I bought have perished. They did arrived looking wilted and frosted in transit and I have informed 4Trees about it and see how Helen could help me out.

Good news. I’ve put my hand up to be a volunteer for the local Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust. It came up as a thought when I was taking Caesar for our weekly 10km walk up and down the valley. I think its a move that will allow me to see more of Banks Peninsula and meet like minded people. I am not going to be a hermit after all.

2014-06-25 17.14.31

Rainfall this week, 2mm and an oak leaf.

2014-06-17 16.08.06

All the first year trees are finally getting the message to go dormant. How many seasons before they will figure out the right time to go dormant?

I read Dan Brown’s Inferno when I was back in Kay-eL. As usual Dan Brown’s style, a chase from beginning to the end, but this book is different, it comes with a dilemma that is very real. It is beyond the comprehension for the common mind. We are now at 7 billion. The push for chemical farming, were meant to feed this 7 billion and growing population. Disease was nature’s means of population control, but medical science have null its effectiveness. Population control was a bi-product of war, but the precision of modern warfare means less casualty. Population, will continue to grow.

Chemical farming was the answer. Pour it on in an attempt to maximize production per acre. Except, what you pour on cost money. And, like MSG, submits to the Law of Decreasing Marginal Returns, so you have to pour more on next time, and cost more money. The one with brains soon figure out that instead of trying to maximize production, why not optimize production according to the concept of not pouring much chemicals on?

There’s not much depth in what I have mentioned above. But the point here is, a growing population needs an increase in food production, what happens if regulators decided to regulate production level when more farmers come to their senses? I have given it some thought, and indeed, there are sneaky ways that regulators could do it while packaging it as a gift.


The Orchard Cottage this week. Hope you have a good Winter Solstice. The signal of more sunshine to come. And that the coldest will soon come and pass.