This week will be a bit of a snowy weather, except there won’t be any snow this low, just hail, sleet, and wetness. On the bright side, we are going to get more daylight from now on. Hurrah! And soon, it will be time to get some head start on tomato seedlings among other heat loving plants thanks to heated propagation trays. Then there’s all the plantings, and grafting, and building projects that’s going to take place. It’s all going to come in a dash, and I might as well take this time to rest, and rest well.

2014-07-02 14.40.03

Accumulated rainfall this week, just slightly over 0.5mm.

2014-07-02 14.37.17

With the lengthening daylight, and the looming coldest day, I felt pressed to work on my propagation plans. I took cuttings off all my currants, red, white and black of a variant of varieties as well as Damson, Greengage and Coes Golden Drop plums. Had good faith that the currants will strike well. Not sure about the plums, but I think with some luck, I can have some free addition to the hedgerow.

2014-07-02 14.55.43

I bought a 6-pack punnet of Camarosa strawberries and viola! The strawberries bed is full house! I noticed the plants have started flowering too!

2014-07-02 12.59.48

The second Acu-Rite weather station has arrived! I mounted this on the sub-tropical area. The main reason for the additional weather station really, is because it comes with the standalone internet bridge which uploads data directly to the internet bypassing the PC. I’ll get the bridge up and running as soon as I get a suitable power adapter for it as it came with a US adapter, totally incompatible.

At the same time, signs of life with the frost bitten Bacon avocado! I’ve noticed some new buds starting to break through. This is good news!

2014-07-02 15.05.41

Spring flowers from the flowering plum. Confused?

2014-07-02 14.57.06

Full on bud burst from the All-in-One almond. Totally confused!

Perhaps, they are very low chill, and it has been a very cold Autumn with plenty of chilling hours?

With regards to the 15 Tagasaste Tree Lucerne that has bite the dust, Helen from 4Trees is replacing them FOC! Such wonderful supplier. 5 stars recommendation from me.


The Orchard Cottage this week.