The latest issue of NZ Lifestyle Block have an article on the use of Silicon for the prevention of disease. Indeed, it seems that someone has been doing some scientific research on Si. Meanwhile, Rudolf Steiner has already incorporate Silica into Biodynamic practices decades ago. The article gave me an idea to add what’s left of P508, which is equisetum horsetail into one of my fertigation system that mists the citruses. It will ferment nicely in the drum as part of a cocktail blend of liquid seaweed, comfrey and mycorrcin.

2014-07-30 17.21.33

Rainfall this week, 0.75mm. This week, we have a high of 15.3dC and a low of 0dC. Quite a mild week here due to the constant overcast condition here in the valley. In the city however, -4dC on 25th July, which has been the coldest in July 2014. We shall see what August will bring, otherwise, the coldest day is already behind us.

2014-07-30 16.21.54

And so, the flowering has begun. Lots of bud movement everywhere. Even the Cootamundra Wattle has started flowering with its tiny flowers of pure yellow.

2014-07-30 16.21.15

More plants have arrived from Te Kahuri Nurseries and Mara Whenua Nurseries, and they went straight into the ground. The Belgian Fence had a few more additions, Hetlina, Cox Orange, Freyburg, Monty’s Surprise, and Calville Blanc d’Hiver. The Black Mulberry went into the Southern Hedgerow along with a transplanted Gooseberry Pax. Currants went into the food forest to form the bush level of the pipfruit guilds. It’s been a day with a lot of digging and planting, I am truly grateful that it has been a reasonably mild day, and the gusty wind did not pick up until late evening.

2014-07-30 15.24.33

Then, its on to rooting the cuttings. I’ve got 6 varieties of Figs from Koanga Institute. These will eventually go into the ground as 3-in-a-hole to control their vigor.

2014-07-30 15.25.18

Checking in on the cuttings that I have down a while ago. They still look pretty promising. My experience with buying Currants so far has let me to recommend Te Kahuri Nurseries. Brian shipped them to me, full size, what it means is that there’s plenty of wood to take cuttings from, for just $4 a plant.

2014-07-30 16.22.32

The greenhouse beds are being prepared for Summer tomatoes and peppers. Mustard seeds sown densely to cleanse the soil and as a cover until planting time.


The Orchard Cottage this week. The dry’ish weather means that I have been doing some Winter pruning to reinvigorate some of the fruit trees. I still need to deal with that big lanky Almond tree, but that will have to wait as doing it while its dormant will just make it even more vigorous.